Michael Pope Is Gay For Pay

Michael Pope is Gay for Pay

“Wide-eyed and whip-smart”
- Flavorpill

“It’s poetry in motion, a joy to behold, an absurdist, intriguing, beautifully nuanced performance” - Skinny Comedy

“his very dirty lemons-into-lemonade tale is hilarious to hear” - Theater is Easy

4 stars
Broadway Baby

4 stars
Fringe Guru

Michael Pope sold his successful midtown bike messenger company to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker. Out of money and with an unfinished first film in the corner of his room (opposite the piles of unpaid bills), he desperately scanned the back of the Village Voice where he found the ad: Men. Phones. No Sales.

“It's important to understand, what we do here isn't real” his soon-to-be-boss would say, “this is the Theater of the Imagination.”

Michael shares his story of following his dreams at all costs and discovering his own ability to deliver edge-of-your-seat fantasy at $2.99/minute, becoming legend in the minds of men (and women) calling in from across the country.

Channeling the late, great Henry Miller, this one man show takes adults of all ages and orientations on a rollercoaster ride of absurdity, obscenity, and the true spiritual meaning of “nothing left to lose”.


The Madness & Moving Pictures of Michael Pope

The Madness & Moving Pictures of Michael Pope

Video Artist Michael Pope narrates his survival beyond misspent youth of 1970’s New York City to experimental filmmaker and outsider artist, armed only with his “Whale Song of Bullshit”. Pope recounts his maddening and uncontrollable love affair with the medium of film and his quest to follow his dreams - literally - as he summons a creative mythos that ultimately amasses the credits of over 800 contributing artists and members of the lunatic fringe in an experimental multi-media opus.

The Birth of Venus

Michael Pope: The Birth of Venus One Man Show

One Man Show

The Birth of Venus
performed live @ The Mill
Models: Sarah Paterson, Ahna Anomaly

“Personal Jesus” Depeche Mode
covered by: Amanda Palmer & Sarah Borello

Live At The Mill: The Birth of Venus - Michael Pope from brianna olson on Vimeo.